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Located on the corner where Thomas Davis Street meets Francis Street, and only 500 meters from the Guinness Storehouse, the historic Liberty Belle is a wonderfully charming watering-hole for proud Dubliners and passersby alike. It offers a truly unique Liberties experience and atmosphere, including the opportunity to meet and mingle with the 'salt of the earth' local customers.

The most remarkable aspect of the pub is its rich history. The story of its inspirational eponymous figure - the woman kown as The Liberty Belle, Anne Devlin, is a genuinely remarkable one.

One of Dublin's most beloved pubs, the story behind The Liberty Belle's


She was the confidante of Robert Emmet, the leader of the failed rebellion in 1803 and executed on Thomas Street. She suffered for two and a half years in Kilmainham Gaol for refusing to inform on her comrades. Anne married a local man, William Campbell and they raised their family in the Liberties. For forty-five

years she was followed by the police, hoping she would lead them to her comrades, but they failed in their efforts. Outliving friends and enemies, Anne Devlin died alone, in Little Elbow Lane, right in the heart of the Liberties. This Liberty Belle dedicated her life to the cause of Irish Freedom.

Freedom's Champion

( 1780 - 1851 )


Inspiration to future generations of Irish revolutionaries including Michael Collins who regarded her as the most heroic figure in Irish history.